Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

indexIt’s that time of the year where parents are dreading how much money they have to spend on school supplies over the next couple of weeks. It’s that time of the year where parents just expect to spend a lot of money to throw towards all other expenses majorly on school supplies. If you train yourself to save money in all situations, saving money will become your lifestyle. Saving money on school supply is a task to master with only a slight amount of pre-planning and organization. If you start looking for the school supplies right before the school starts, you can save a huge chunk of money. And, if you do not know how to save money on school supplies, you can spend lot of money altogether. Suggest k12schoolsupplies.net one stop source for school supplies and teacher supplies.

A guide for schools in finding the best educational supplier

  It’s a new year and a chance for you to start afresh; at times like this when budgets are stretched, it is even more imperative that you find an educational supplier that cannot only provide value for money but also provide you with exceptional service. Here are some suggestions of things to consider.

Before you even begin to look at suppliers make a list of exactly what you need. A list will ensure that you only purchase what you require and that you take into consideration items that are not consumed within the year or can be recycled and reused. This simple practise will save you time and money.

Flicking through catalogues and comparing prices from different suppliers can be time consuming and frustrating; away to overcome this is through the use of an e-procurement system. E-portals such as SIMS, RM and Premier Finance contain the same products and prices as a supplier’s catalogue but allow a school to search and order electronically saving time and resources. E-portals also allow customers to compare the prices from a number of different suppliers ensuring they receive the best value for money.

When looking for suppliers don’t just take into consideration the price of the items in your basket, but service charges too. An additional delivery and administration fee can often send your costs soaring. Look out for educational suppliers that offer free delivery and a low charge for returns; helping to keep you within your budget.

Another way to save time and money is to look out for a ‘one stop shop’. Suppliers that offer a wide range of products give you the opportunity to order everything you need from one place; be it consumables such as glue and toilet paper, curricular items such as maths, science and English resources and durable items such as furniture and electronics. A one stop shop takes away the time needed to place many small orders from a number of suppliers and allows you to consolidate you costs as only one order needs to be made equating to a single delivery charge.

Consider switching to greener products; there are a wide variety of products available such as recycled exercise books and energy saving light bulbs. Switching to green will not only mean that your purchases have less impact on the environment but some educational suppliers do their own ‘green’ range that can often be cheaper than the leading brand, saving you money.

Finally never underestimate word of mouth and the experience of other individuals in your profession. Your colleagues who have experience with an educational supplier can provide you with the insight of their experience and whether it was positive or negative. This will help you see beyond the cost of an order, allowing you to be confident in the service you will receive. Ask questions like: does the supplier offer next day delivery, a service promise and deliver your items when you need them in the condition you expect?

In summary when choosing an educational supplier make sure you know what you want and then shop around to find a price and service that is suitable for you; ensuring that you find reliable service, choice and value within your budget.

Backpacks for Kids – Revealing Passions And Personality

  Back to school means back to backpacks as theres no better way to haul around all of the books and other school supplies that theyll have to have. With all of the cool backpacks for kids that are available not only can you get one thatll do the job but you can get one that shows off exactly who they are and what their preferences are. And when they show up in class with these cool backpacks, everyone will be amazed at just how awesome they look.

Just to reiterate, there are some seriously cool backpacks for kids available and there are some that come with a complete entourage of associated paraphernalia that makes for a truly awesome set of accessories for the kids. Instead of just a backpack, some come with lunch bags and thermoses and some even come with matching duffels and pencil cases. There are even sets that include all of those plus a bag, a pilots travel case, and a messenger bag. This really gives kids a coordinated way to be completely organized.

Not only are the combinations of equipment cool, but the styling of the bags themselves are cool too. There are great looking backpacks for kids that are shaped like cars; others look like a shark and ones for the gals that are covered in butterflies, flowers and hearts. There are even bags that support the ecology that have dinosaurs and the solar system on them. For those who are fans of the 70s, there are even backpacks that have peace signs and tie dye designs on them. And for the kids who definitely like to be totally organized, there are backpacks with bungee cords to hold just about anything they want to carry.

For those who love sports, there are backpacks for kids that have sports logos on them and even race cars that look totally awesome. And for the older kids who want something a little more subdued there are plenty of choices from zebra prints, solid colors with monograms and even subtle designs that any young lady would find tasteful. And the best part is, you can have virtually all of them personalized with their name so theres no confusion as to who the backpack belongs to.

With all of these great backpacks for kids available, theyll actually look forward to going to school. Even if they still dont like going to school, theyll definitely appreciate being able to be totally organized.